Managing Being an Author While Schooling or Holding down a 9-to-5

Nothing gives a writer more joy than being able to write freely—no interruption, no ad-breaks. But what happens when schooling or a full-time job gets in the way? Does this mark the end of your author's dream? Of course not.
Here are some ways you can manage living your dream while schooling or holding down a 9-to-5:

Add Writing to Your Daily Schedule:
Take note of your daily activities and create a space of time to write every day. It can be as little as ten to thirty minutes. Make sure to set your writing at a specific time to enable you to make it a habit and help you stay on track.

Attend Your Most Important Tasks:
Now you have time to write, but is it the right time? That all depends on your schedule. Before you sit down to write, make sure you are done with the vital tasks to free your mind while you write.

Set Realistic Writing Goals:
Goal setting is okay, but when you have other things to focus on, it's better to create realistic writing goals and set a target word count like 1,000 words in a day or more, depending on your schedule. Don't be pressured into setting goals you won't be able to meet up with, simply because you see other writers achieving similar feats. Set your goals according to your topmost priorities.

Get a Writing Accountability Partner:
Having a writing partner is one of the ways to keep you on your feet: your partner can help monitor your progress, signal when you’re going too fast or slow, and encourage you when you're about to lose your ground.

Be Consistent
There's no better way to say this: Write. Don't worry about the mistakes. Just write. As the author of The Handmaid’s Tale, Margaret Atwood, advised: You become a writer by writing; there’s no other way. So do it, do it more. Do it better. Fail. Fail better. Remember, the wastepaper basket is your friend. It was invented for you by God. So don’t let a heap of crumpled papers hold you down, open a new page and keep writing. Somewhere out there, your readers await.

You're Not Alone
Don't (even if you’re tempted to) think that your schooling or working schedule is a sign that writing is not for you. That is wrong, so very wrong. Various notable Authors had full-time jobs: “The author of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll (real name, Charles Lutwidge Dodgson), continued to work day jobs throughout his life. Anne Rice has held various jobs, including waitress, cook, and theatre usherette, among others. She wrote the bestselling book Interview With The Vampire while working her day job as an insurance claims examiner. John Green intended to become an Episcopal priest. Still, his experiences of working in a hospital with children suffering from life-threatening illnesses inspired him to become an author, and later to write The Fault in Our Stars."

So you see, juggling between school, work, and writing is only difficult, not impossible. And it's up to you to decide how to go about doing it all to make your dreams come true. Good luck.

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